Brand Ambassador Guidelines & Rules

Social Sharing Conditions

By applying to become a Minimalist Magnolia Ambassador (and upon acceptance into the program), you are agreeing to the following terms:

  • To tag us in your social posts at least once per week and to have a dedicated post about our products at least once per month.
  • You allow the Minimalist Magnolia the rights to use the content you create for us (UGC: user generated content) in our own social channels and/or for marketing purposes. 

Difference between Ambassador Discount Code and Ambassador Referral Code

  • Ambassador Discount Code: this is your personal discount code only to be used by you alone. Please do not share this code with anyone. 
  • Ambassador Referral Code: this is the code that you will share with your family, friends, and followers! This is the only code that will count towards your commission. 

Ambassador Program Rules

Thank you so much for being a Minimalist Magnolia Brand Ambassador! Below are the Brand Ambassador Program Rules. Please read them carefully and follow them. Failure to follow, will result in immediately being disqualified from the program. Thank you so much for being thoughtful and respectful of the program rules, and making this a fun and fair program for all of our ambassadors!

    1. You must be 18 or older to be an ambassador.
    2. Please don’t comment with your ambassador discount code or your ambassador referral code on any Minimalist Magnolia social media posts or channels (i.e. Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.),
    3. Don’t post your ambassador discount code or your ambassador referral to any posts from Minimalist Magnolia wholesale accounts or stores who carry our products. Also, please do not go into stores that sell Minimalist Magnolia products and share your code with customers. If we receive word from a wholesale account this is happening, you will be removed from the program. 
    4. Do not add your ambassador discount code or ambassador referral code to coupon sites. This is not fair to our brand or our other ambassadors. 

Please remember that the purpose of this program is to spread awareness of our brand through genuine social engagement, so be kind and have fun! Can't wait to see what you create!